Lovers / 2021 / 02:05
Short film about a documentary photograph of lovers by the sea.

Piquiri / 2020 / 03:30
A flight over the Piquiri river becomes a visual poem with images from a 1974 footage
of the Brazilian Pantanal region, this seasonally flooded plain in the Midwest of Brazil.
The tortuous river and the solitude of the character in the landscape serve as
a metaphor for our time.

ALLEGRO / 2020 / 02:25
*Film link: Showstudio
The film brings a kind of natural theatrical scenario, in which black figures take part while
an unpretentious dance of Brazilian “Passinho” follows a classical Bach's music,
connecting exotic and native motifs.
2020  SHOWstudio Fashion Film selection

TOSCA / 2020 / 05:13
A skateboarder's mind reveals Tosca, the persona who provokes and inspires his feelings. 
*Selected for "Le OFF DU PSSFF” 5th Paris Surf & Skate Film Festival 2020

Fascination Parks / 2019 / 05:17 
The short film presents an art series of skateboard in a picturesque and idyllic way.
Like a surreal cinema, where the frames of the film were taken. 
2020 Official Selection: SSFF 2020 Skate & Surf Film Festival Milano 
2019  OFF Tracks Canal OFF / Globosat TV

Luneta / 2018 / Experimental Documentary / 26:00
2019  Nominated for "Best Experimental” FIRENZE Film Festival
2019  Official Selection: Cittadella GEOFILMFESTIVAL
2019  Official Selection: Circuito Penedo de Cinema
2019  Canal Prime Box Brazil / TV 

In a black and white universe, where no sign of human activity or urban influence is noticed, we follow a boy on his sensorial and poetic discovery of Rio de Janeiro’s nature, his naïve vision and his broad perception feels like a free balloon which flies directionless in the sky. While he observes the environment with his open and original perception, we are surprised with the soundless and almost invisible life that exists in the sea, forests and mountains of this city. The soundtrack and the photography bring to the viewer the Rio de Janeiro that attracted, amazed and moved the boy through his discoveries.

Tropical Speed / 2017 / Documentary / 25:00
2019  Official Selection: BIKE DAYS International Film Festival
2018  Canal OFF / Globosat TV
2018  Runner-up “Chris King Award" FILMED BY BIKE Festival
2017  Official Selection: VII Festival de Filmes Outdoor ROCKY SPIRIT

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